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The gallery is housed in a 17th C timber framed market building, which is graded 2* on the statutory list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest. It is an important feature in the Debenham townscape: sited towards the top of the hill on the edge of the village green, the orginal area of the weekly market. 

In the 17th C this was the junction of Cheese Hill and Trewdealingstreete, it is now the junction of the High Street and Gracechurch Street. 

The first-floor room was used for setting prices, fines and settling disputes reached by a ladder, the ground floor was open and part of the market, probably containing stalls selling dairy produce on which the wealth of the area was based. 

In 1668 the building was converted for use as the local boys' school with the introduction of new staircases, a brick fireplace and a fine decorative plaster ceiling. 

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