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We have moved!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Last Thursday we moved the computers and printer from our beloved Debenham Market Cross. It had been our office since Ian’s partnership with Chris Gorniak was set up in 1990.

The computers were moved to Studio 37, Church Street, Eye, which effectively ended our working presence in Debenham.

Eye is a wonderful small town and we hope to grow and thrive here. The move became necessary when Tom and Kate realised that if their commute to the office could be ended, by establishing the firm’s office at home, live more in the countryside, closer to their children’s school and the grandparents, they would save more than 2 hours of stress a day.

The search for an affordable property capable of providing a home and office premises was ended when they discovered a charming complex in Eye. It is Listed grade 2, U shaped round a courtyard, with a gate to the street and a shop front. There is a huge amount to do there – but they are open for business and look forward to satisfying the needs of their current and future clients, by producing practical and elegant solutions to their future needs, hopefully even improving on what they have done at the Market Cross in the past two decades.

The phone number, email addresses and website remain the same.

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