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Architects Climate Action Network

Here at Gorniak & Mckechnie we are always on the look out for companies advocating positive change when it comes to the climate change crisis. The Architects Climate Action Network (ACAN) is a network of individuals within architecture and related built environment professions taking action. We would encourage everyone to have a look, sign up and get involved!


We are in a state of climate and ecological emergency. There is a compelling body of scientific work indicating our present trajectory will lead to catastrophe if we do not make ambitious and radical changes as a matter of urgency.  

We also acknowledge that the construction industry and the existing built environment are major contributing factors to the crises and as such both require complete and rapid transformation. In the UK, the built environment as a whole is responsible for 42% of national emissions.

The manner in which we produce, operate and renew our built environment continues to curtail biodiversity, pollute ecosystems and encourage unsustainable lifestyles. 

This state of emergency calls for a new kind of professionalism. We can no longer remain secluded within our personal and professional silos. Instead we are harnessing our collective agency; as citizens with a shared professional background and a common goal, mobilising to bring about necessary changes to our industry.

Three overarching aims:


We seek to radically transform the regulatory, economic and cultural landscape in which our built environment is made, operated and renewed in order to facilitate rapid decarbonisation of the built environment.


We advocate the immediate adoption of regenerative & ecological principles in order to green the built environment, prioritise communities and ecosystems at threat and promote the recovery and restoration of natural environments.


We call for a complete remodelling of our professional culture. We must challenge and redefine the value systems at the heart of our industry and education system. We seek to create an open network to share resources and knowledge to aid in this transition.

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